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I would like to very warm welcome you to this Holiday Villa located at the heart of beautiful Silver Coast in Portugal. 

Orange Valley View Holiday Villa full address is shown below:

Rua de Cima 20


Salir de Matos



How to find it:




The best option is to hire a car from local companies at Lisbon airport. 

There are few of them. All supply with the similar level of cars. I have used few times Budget and Goldcar and I wasn't dissaponted.  Car hires charges are really affordable. Please find a few tips when renting a car:

+ when you book a car online please be aware that you will be asked to buy a Car Insurance at the airport even when you have alredy done it online. 

+ The car hire companies block a Deposit from your card (ca €1,000). You can choose a different option just bying an additional Insurance for the amount around €80 but then you credit car is not blocked with the Deposit.

+ You card will be blocked with an additional €75 because you car is fitted with ViaVerde transmitter. What's this? Well saying in easy words all motorways in Portugal are tolled. When you will come to Toll Charge gates you will find a specific green market lanes with letter V. That is exactly ViaVerde. This lane allows you not stop drive via the gate and smooth move to the next part of motorway. Then a specific amount of money will be dedcuted from your balance through Transimtter fitted at the top of your window car. At the each part of motorway once passing ViaVerde gate it is disply to show you a charge.

I have found this facilities very useful. The unused outstanding balance from initial €75 will be released by car hire company 2-3 days after return car. 

On the way to Caldas da Rainha you will see on the left hand side abeatiful medieval Castle/town - Obidos.

Once arrived to Caldas da Rainha area I do recommend to not leave motorway to the town direction but stll keep A8 until you reach Exit 20 in direction to TORNADA. That is very important because if you miss this exit next is Toll Charge for a further part of motorway.

From that motorway exit it is the shortest way to arrive to Villa.

Please find below a satellite map with marked way how to find this villa in the nearby distance from village TRABALHIA.

Please be aware that using A8 motorway in area of Caldas da Rainha until Bombarral is free of charge so for example when you will go to Foz de Arelho or Obidos - there is no charge at all. Please be aware that speed limit in Portugal on motorways is 120km/hour


The bus service departs from the Campo Grande bus station in Lisbon. This is located on the green and yellow metro lines and is served by the Campo Grande metro station. Campo Grande bus station has no central building and is a series of bus stands that surround the metro station. This means that the “Rapida Verde” bus stop can be difficult to find.

Location of the bus stop for Caldas da Rainha, in Campo Grande bus station:

The “Rapida Verde” bus stand is to the east of the metro station, on the “Rua Actor Antonio Silva” street and the exact bus stand is marked by the Rapida Verde timetable. The final stop of the Rapida Verde route is the town of Caldas da Rainha and the bus may display a sign for Caldas da Rainha. Campo Grande bus station is in the shadow of the massive José Alvalade Stadium, the home of Sporting Lisbon football club.

The bus ticket from Lisbon to Caldas da Rhaina is €7,95 (Adult) and €4,00 (Child).

Once arrived to Coach Station in Caldas you can pickup a taxi to the Holiday Villa. The charge is around €10.


The train ticket cost €9,20 but the bigger problem is that the trip takes around two and half hours when by bus only one hour. The train service operate from Lisbon Oriente and Lisbon Santa Antonia train stations.

Please find more information on the website shwon below.

Once arrived to Train Station in Caldas you can pickup a taxi to the Holiday Villa. The charge is around €10.

Holiday Letting Properties Manager

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